May 2004

Ringing - Pudding Mill Lane to Woolwich

Ticket and train map

Driving a DLR tain

Lunch in New Beckton Park

Run around in New Beckton Park

Daddy can't keep up!

Royal Albert Dock

Across the lock gates

Entrance to the Woolwich Foot Tunnel


In the tunnel


At the top on the other side

At the end of the Capital Ring ...

... where we started in June last year


A fireman


Granny, Grandpa, Uncle Michael, Auntie Bridget, Edie and Mara


Halstead Marathon

For the separate page showing pictures from the Halstead Marathon please click on the picture below

Halstead Marathon 2004

New sand pit and lid


A tractor and azaleas in Knighton Wood


Sean getting his very own planet book




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