Orion Harrier's 10 mile Cross-Country Championships 2001 - The Mercury

17th February 2001

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Before the start

P2170007.JPG (171932 bytes)

Nigel is raring to go

P2170008.JPG (97340 bytes)

In front of Queen Elizabeth's Hunting Lodge

P2170009.JPG (75001 bytes)

Warming up

P2170010.JPG (153347 bytes)

What are we waiting for?

P2170011.JPG (154957 bytes)

The Captain gives the final briefing

The finish and afterwards

P2170012.JPG (174025 bytes)

Andy Vince (2nd) looks behind

P2170013.JPG (178995 bytes)

Paul Filler (4th) nearly runs out of the shot

P2170014.JPG (256452 bytes)

I'm glad it's over

P2170015.JPG (162814 bytes)

... and so are we

P2170016.JPG (229798 bytes)

The Captain talks to the official photographer

P2170017.JPG (96214 bytes)

The Captain gets clean

P2170018.JPG (88390 bytes)

... or perhaps he doesn't

P2170019.JPG (144845 bytes)

Fancy a pint?

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